Prioritising Your Wellness

Prioritising Your Wellness

New research into the connection between the skin and the mind suggests our emotions are often expressed through the skin and 74% of people say that their mental state and their skin are connected. But in today’s fast paced world, it can be easy to forget to slow down and check in with yourself. We’re constantly juggling careers, family obligations, trying to maintain a social life, fit in regular exercise and everything in between. When’s the last time you stopped and asked yourself, how am I really feeling?

At Is Clinical we firmly believe that your skincare journey is intricately connected to your overall wellness. We often forget that looking after our wellbeing is not a luxury but a necessity, and it’s an essential aspect of achieving radiant, healthy skin. It’s time to embrace self-care as a daily ritual, a practice that not only rejuvenates your skin but also nourishes your mind and soul. Want to turn your skin care routine into a self care ritual? We’ll show you how.

Commit To A Daily Routine

The beauty of iS Clinical is you can focus on the basics, and still get superior results. If after a long day the last thing you want to do is a 10 step routine, then the Is Clinical 4 step approach to skin health is all you need to commit to. A daily gentle cleanse, followed by 3-5 drops of your chosen treatment serum, a drop of hydration and a morning SPF is where to start.

Need something even quicker? Our favourite time saving hero product is our Youth Intensive Crème. Vitamin C? Check. Hyaluronic Acid? Check. Copper Tripeptide Growth Factors? Check. This luxurious crème provides 24 hours of hydration along with collagen boosting growth factors and hydration boosting hyaluronic acid. Ditch the product layering and have one product for a multitude of skin concerns.

Self-Care Sundays

Or Tuesdays…whatever. We know the importance of being consistent with our daily skin care routines, but your skin also benefits from a weekly boost from a more intensive treatment. Schedule 30 minutes1 hour in your diary once a week for an at home spa experience. All you need is the Is Clinical Warming Honey Cleanser.

Massage the warming jelly like cleanser into damp skin and feel the warmth start to boost circulation and radiance. 45% glycerin and 40% raw honey get to work with their super hydrating and anti inflammatory properties, while papaya enzymes gently eat away at any dead skin cells to reveal a smoother, bouncier looking complexion. This multitasking cleanser also doubles up as a treatment mask, so leave on for 15 minutes for an intensive treat and enjoy the sweet honey aromatic and elegant feel.  ‘Alexa…play spa music.’

Get Moving

Just 30 minutes of physical activity a day can boost your mood, physical health and mental health. You don’t have to be front and centre at the 6am spin class every day, this can be as simple as walking to work or taking the stairs over the lift. Exercise boosts your happy hormones, gets your circulation going and helps to eliminate toxins from the body, all of which contribute to a healthy, happy skin and a healthy, happy you.

Practice Mindfulness
Now you’ve got your basic skin care routine down, use this time to practice mindfulness and gratitude. The repetitive motions of applying your Is Clinical products can be meditative. Promote a sense of inner peace to help you feel more grounded.
In conclusion, taking care of your skin can be a powerful self care tool to help you gain a moment of calm in a hectic world.



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