Cancer Care - Treating Compromised Skin

Navigating how your skin changes whilst going through cancer treatment can be difficult and an unnecessary stress. Alongside this as a cancer patient you become restricted to what treatments you can receive in practice too. At IS Clinical we have derived our phenomenal Cancer Care program delivering next level training for our brand partners to provide the Harmony Facial and Pure Wellness Collection. 

Whilst working alongside the National Breast Cancer Coalition, in 2003 we launched our Cancer Care Program which has been successfully delivered over the last 20 years. The IS Clinical Cancer Care Program was first rolled out at the Washington Cancer Institute and has been tremendously successful. The program has since expanded to other respected institutions such as the Cedars-Siani Bradman Breast Cancer Centre, Taussig Caner Institute at the Cleveland Clinic and the Revlon Breast Center at ULCA, as well as multiple institutions internationally.


“When attitude is paramount, it is uplifting to know that the iS Cancer Care Program provides a vital sense of hope and relief to those undergoing the effects of cancer treatments.”- Our Mission

Our program is designed to assist with both the physical and emotional challenges of patients dealing with cancer, providing skincare solutions and education programs for patients at every stage of their journey. Together we have helped to successfully deliver Cancer Care Spa Days, it was developed specifically so that communities could come together and give back to those undergoing cancer treatment. The days are designed to offer a safe space where individuals feel safe and nurtured whilst having a positive and uplifting experience.

The Harmony facial offers to gently awaken the senses whilst soothing and hydrating fatigued skin with a blend of bio-nutrients, hydrators and antioxidants. Our Pure Wellness Collection will equip you with the essentials to take care of your skin no matter what stage of your journey. It is often overlooked the toll that cancer treatment can take on the skin which is why the following products have been specifically selected by our clinical partners and successfully used by cancer patients during treatment for over a decade.

The collection includes:

Our Cancer Care Program is available to our existing brand partners. Not only does this program allow you to deliver the most rewarding treatments, events and homecare but is an accreditation that is CPD recognised. Discover the iS Clinical Cancer Care Concept by contacting your Business Growth Specialist.


Cancer Care Program

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