Breaking the Myth on Retinols

Breaking the Myth on Retinols


We honestly couldn’t be more excited for the launch of Retinol + Emulsion 0.3. Now you’ve probably heard plenty of myths about retinols in skincare. Some of my favourites are: all retinols are the same, if you have peeling you should stop using it, retinol makes your skin more sensitive and the more you apply daily the better.

Let’s face some of these myths head on and indulge you in the facts and power of the new Retinol + Emulsions.


Myth #1 - All retinols are all the same

All retinols are NOT the same. IS Clinical has spent the last 20 years developing this new and advanced formulation. We have invested time and resources to ensure it delivers something that really sets us apart. The team has extensively utilised gene activation studies, analysing 20,000-25,000 genomes and how they react to our formulations.

Our retinol is highly active and fast acting as it is of botanical origin, encapsulated in bio-identical lipids providing easy delivery to your skin whilst optimising skin health. The way this has been done is through the combination of pioneering technology and ingredients. The last 20 years have been spent meticulously combining the right combination of ingredients to enhance efficacy whilst remaining tolerable.

Myth #2 - The more you apply daily the better

Also wrong! Its not down to how much to apply but more down to how concentrated the formula is and when you’re applying it and how consistent you are. With Retinol + Emulsions, we recommend 2-3 pumps to cover your face, neck with the decollate to be applied of an evening. For first time users of retinol, it is advised to start with Retinol + Emulsion 0.3 every three days to build up tolerance.

Myth #3 - If you have peeling, you should stop using it

Wrong. Mild peeling is a common side effect when you start using Retinol + Emulsions as they have a gently resurfacing effect on your skin. Some other benefits of retinol are: 

  • reducing skin redness
  • reducing fine lines & wrinkles
  • evening of skin tone
  • smoothing texture
  • improving skin firmness & elasticity

IS Clinical have worked effortlessly to create a formulation that balances key ingredients with inflammatory effects with those that are anti-inflammatory to protect your skin's integrity.

What separates iS Clinical's Retinol + Emulsion from the rest?

A carefully constructed balance of lipid encapsulated vitamin A and ‘boosters’ encourage a gentle desquamation process and encourage cell renewal in the epidermis creating more youthful functioning cells. By encapsulating our vitamin A with bio identical lipids this ensures safe and effective delivery to the skin, meaning we can actually use less retinol therefore meaning fewer negative effects on the skin. IS Clinical has also pioneered the development of ‘boosters’ which are ingredients of the highest quality and best performance that enhance the benefits and functionality of our retinol formulation without compromising our skin. Boosters each have a target purpose however in terms of functionality the deliver the work of three or more tasks.

Our boosters include:

Bakuchiol is from the Indian region and used for medicinal purposes. Whilst it has similar effects to retinol without the side effects it boosts and compliments retinol.

Poria Cocos Extract which is commonly used in traditional medicine for anti-aging treatments.

Triad of Rice Bran Extract, Rosemary Extracts and Vitamin E deliver antioxidants, proteins and nourishment to the skin as well as boosting the effect of retinol by 32%.

Our well known and loved Extremozymes that help to protect and restore our skins DNA. Our newest extremozyme is Ectoin which protects our DNA like bubble wrap.

Vitamin C compounded with Colloidal Gold. Vitamin C works to even and brighten the skin but also acts as a healing component. For the body to process gold topically it needs to be a liquid form. Colloidal gold acts as a collagen stimulator whilst healing the skin.

Shea Butter is an ingredient that acts as an antioxidant and allows us to keep our skin barrier healthy and intact.

Copper Tripeptide-1 is part of that active emergency response system within the body for healing.


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