Youth  Body serum

Youth Body serum


At iS Clinical, we want the skin on the body to be just as beautiful as the skin on the face. Introducing the newest clinical product: This cutting-edge luxury serum mist takes the body treatment category to a whole new level. YouthBodySerum is much more than a moisturizing serum. It is a deeply hydrating,anti-aging, and restorative product that will provide a youthful glow to everyone's skin.

Positioning and Story Telling

What do a trip to Bora Bora,a day in the sun, inspiration from nature, and anyone with you to apply lotion to your back equal? For iS Clinical’s CEO and head of formulation, Bryan Johns, these four dynamics inspired him to create Youth Body Serum. Youth Body Serum is a synergistic combination of junction, luxury, and science. These same concepts serve as the foundation for any sanitary product. In January 2020, at the iS Clinical Sales Conference in Laguna Beach, California, Bryan unveiled the Youth Body Serum to our Territory Business Manager team. Upon the announcement, the TBMs began screaming with excitement! They were thrilled to begin treating their full body with the Anis Clinical product. The truth is, you and your clients will be too!

Youth Body Serum

You need to know why most body lotions don’t work. Most bodies are lipid-rich but do not provide the types of lipids actually found in our skin or that our skin can use to hydrate. Think about the aloe you have applied, which may feel good upon application but doesn't leave your skin feeling hydrated. This lack of product performance occurs because many body lotions only coat the skin but do not efficiently dehydrate. At iS Clinical, we use bio-identical hydration ingredients, which your body recognizes as “of itself.” The term “bio-iden-tical” ingredients are chemically identical to those in your body. Utilizing these ingredients, Youth Body Serum provides efficient hydration and restoration to the skin. Additionally, Extremozyme® technology is used to reduce inflammation, repair and prevent damage, offer antioxidant protection, and encourage cellular regeneration, just to name a few benefits. Extremo-zymes are incredibly diverse ingredients that fulfill many desired goals for maintaining healthy and radiant skin.

The Seasonal Advantages of Youth Body Serum

In the summer and spring, I love Youth Body Serum for its lightweight texture that leaves a dewy glow on my skin. You will feel that your skin becomes your best accessory when using Youth Body Serum! For the dry winter months, Youth Body Serum provides the penetrating hydration your skin needs. With its lightweight texture, you can apply Youth Body Serum without the unappealing stickiness most lotions leave on the skin. I use my Youth BodySerum year-round and love it!

Who Can Use Youth Body Serum

Youth Body Serum is excellent for anyone and everyone! Younger and older, light to dark skin, normal skin to irritated skin—everyone can use and benefit from applying Youth Body Serum.


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