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Company Bios

Bryan Johns - President/CEO

Mr. Johns serves as co-founder, President, and CEO for Science of Skincare, LLC. and INNOVATIVE SKINCARE®. Mr. Johns previously served as Director of Skincare for the Kronos Group (Kronos Institute), one of the world's premier anti-aging research and treatment facilities, where he developed anti-aging skincare treatment protocols as well as developed and clinically tested new topical skincare products focusing on dermal protection, rejuvenation, and appearance enhancement. Mr. Johns currently serves on the Presidents Council for the National Breast Cancer Coalition. In addition, Mr. Johns serves as Vice President of "Stars for Stripes," a non-profit entertainment organization. Mr. Johns educational expertise includes; biochemistry, psychology, and genetics. His education and research were completed at the University of California, San Diego;

Alec R. Call - Vice President/COO

Mr. Call serves as co-founder, Executive Vice President, and COO for Science of Skincare, LLC, and INNOVATIVE SKINCARE®. Mr. Call has a broad background in financial operations, business management, sales and marketing. He held multiple positions with Call Jewelers, Inc., a regional jewelry store chain. Mr. Call also served in the entertainment division of the Walt Disney Company representing the American Guild of Variety Artists as a union deputy and
contract negotiator. Mr. Call currently serves on the Presidents Council of the National Breast Cancer Coalition. Mr. Call attended The American Academy of Dramatic Arts and Boise State University with educational emphasis on business administration operations.

Dr. Charlene DeHaven M.D., FACEP, Clinical Director

Dr. Charlene DeHaven is board-certified in both Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine and is a Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians. In addition to skin care, her clinical interests include optimization of health, prevention of age-related illness, preventive cardiology and critical care medicine. Her professional experience includes a broad spectrum of clinical practice as well as corporate development and medical education. As Clinical Director of INNOVATIVE SKINCARE®, Inc., maker of iS CLINICAL products, she supervises the domestic and international medical, clinical and research aspects of the company. This includes corporate goals development and implementation, clinical study development and assessment, assisting in ingredient identification and evaluation, coordinating and developing studies with academic medical institutions, clinical education, and physician education. Dr. DeHaven has extensive experience interfacing with printed and spoken media including technical journal and lifestyle magazine writing and TV and radio appearances. She has lectured extensively on wellness, illness prevention and skin health both domestically and internationally